Immigrating to Italy has become very popular with our compatriots, and there are plenty of reasons for it: growth of financial well-being, stability and a relaxed lifestyle, high quality European education for children, opportunities to open your own business in Italy, maximum protection of women and children supported by the Italian legislation. The legislation and the Constitution of Italy allows dual citizenship, and it is not required that you speak the national (Italian) language for immigration purposes. The legislation of Italy does not impose any limitations on place of residence of an immigrant. A legal emigrant in Italy has freedom of residence: he (or she) is free to move around and can live both in Italy and on any other territory of Schengen countries, and he (or she) is also able to stay in Russia as long as it’s necessary. These and other advantages make Italy number One choice among destinations for immigration. 
Listed above are the grounds that allow you to apply for an entry visa at the Italian consulate. They are considered immigration-based and may grant you a permit to reside in Italy for an unlimited period of time:
  • 1.  Business immigration
  • 2.  Employment
  • 3. "Residenza elettiva" or “Elective residence”
  • 4. Family reunification
   The decision on granting Elective residence Visa is usually made at the Italian consulate where all required documents must be submitted. If the consulate grants you that status, you receive category D Visa that gives you a right to stay in Italy for 365 days. Afterwards, you can enter Italy and head to the police department to file for Elective residence. 
   Our company offers its services to anyone who would like to immigrate to Italy, regardless of the complexity of their case. Our specialists assist you in finding the fastest legal and cost-effective way to obtain immigrant status in Italy. We thoroughly prepare the entire packet of documents to maximize your chances of obtaining immigrant visa. Throughout the entire process - from filing to obtaining and extending the residence permit in Italy – you are accompanied by the Italian lawyer that specializes in immigration.
The most popular grounds for application for residence permit in Italy today are:  
   Italy needs and supports additional inflow of investments. For that reason, they easily issue national visas to entrepreneurs from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. But bear in mind that they review the amount of your capital and the field you are going to invest in. That is why it is important to research the most favorable areas for business growth. Today, to secure Elective Residence, it is recommended that you buy an existing business rather than open a new one. And our mission is to look into details, check information and provide you with everything you need. 

Immigration to Italy

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