Shopping experience might leave a bad taste in your mouth, if you are not well-prepared. To avoid confusion and any misunderstanding, follow these simple rules:
  • -Save your receipt. In Italy, according to Decree 24/2002 (decreto legislativo 24/2002), a consumer has a right to exchange the defective item before the expiration date indicated on the receipt.
  • - In many Europe Tax-free Shopping outlets, a consumer is issued a Tax-free Shopping Cheque which allows him to reclaim VAT, if at the Customs office he provides the purchased item in the original wrapping along with the Cheque and payment receipt from the place of purchase. After inspection you have to proceed to Tax-free Cash Refund office and you will receive your VAT refund that was included in the price of acquired goods.
  • -In Italy, as a rule, discounted items and regular-priced items are clearly marked. Double-check discounted items that you are planning to purchase to ensure that you haven’t picked up an expensive item by mistake.  
  • -  Every product must have a label with specific information on the original price, the discounted price and the percentage discount.  
  • -if you want to try on some items, carefully check the size of a garment and footwear. Remember – if you tried on the item and you don’t like it, you are not required to buy it! If fitting in the shop is not allowed, consider making a purchase somewhere else. 
  • - Don’t rush into making a purchase in the very first row of shops; walk further and compare prices.
  • - There are shops with completely covered shop-windows. It means that the shop is going out of business. The discounts might be big but, nonetheless, you must check the quality of goods.
  • - The shops that accept payments by credit card for regular-priced products are required to accept payments by credit card for their discounted products as well. 
  • - Beware of gypsies of any age and motorcycle riders that are known for snatching purses.
  • -If you encountered a problem during purchasing goods or you were defrauded, for example, the item you purchased is defective and the shop manager refuses to exchange it, please contact Consumer Protection Organizations. Contacts in Italy: L’ADOC (, phone number in Rome is 06-45420928, phone number in Milan is 02-66980190. La Federconsumatori (, phone number in Rome is 06-47823341, phone number in Milan is 02-60830081.

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