Family reunification

Family reunification

This type of immigration can take place when one family member has already obtained a Resident status, a Permanent Residence or Citizenship in Italy. Family members that qualify to apply for Family reunification are: husband/wife, children under the age of 18, and dependent parents. Besides, a foreign citizen who has a Permanent Residence in Italy must have appropriate accommodation and sufficient income to support the family. Family reunification type of immigration is one of the fastest ways of obtaining a legal status in Italy today. In the past few years many people have been traveling abroad - to work and earn money or to acquire the best education. Even the shortest period of time apart from your family becomes an unbearable ordeal. By all means, you can spend several years of a dreary life waiting to reunite with your family or you can apply for Family reunification in Italy.

Those who have been living in Italy for a long time and have a Temporary or Permanent Residence for work, studying, internship and other purposes, are allowed to apply for Family reunification. Application of this kind must be sent to the Immigration Office within the Prefecture, according to place of Residence of the applicant. You cannot apply for everyone: individuals you are applying for must be your immediate family members:

· Husband or wife

· Children (under the age of 18)

· Children that are over the age of 18 who cannot provide for themselves due to health issues

· Elderly parents

Everybody knows that Family reunification type of immigration to Italy has a lot of advantages: plenty of opportunities for work and studying.

Here are the factors that attract foreigners:

· Comparatively low tax rates

· Political and economic safety and security

· Steady work and excellent education

· Steady economy of the state

There are many other reasons to live together with your family in Italy: numerous programs have been elaborated recently, to provide a fast and easy way to move abroad. When you contact us, our company will provide you with all the necessary assistance in Family reunification, preparation of documents, including a consultation with a professional. C A