Residenza elettiva

"Residenza elettiva" or “Elective residence”: this type of immigration is called “VIP-immigration”. It is immigration for the wealthy, well-off foreign individuals with a very high official residual income.
Granting this type of Residence doesn’t depend on whether an applicant purchased a property or is just renting it: if there are qualifying grounds for granting this type of Residence – it will be granted regardless of the type of accommodation; and if not granted - the fact that applicant owns a property will not reverse the decision. “Elective residence” does not grant an applicant or his family members permission to work in Italy: they can reside in the country personally paying for all services but not engaging in any business activity, and for future reference - this type of Residence cannot be converted into any other type of Residence.
A foreigner with “Elective residence” in Italy is obliged to pay taxes, like everybody else, on declared income in accordance with the world-wide taxation regulations.
Foreigners-residents with “Elective residence” in Italy (residenza elettiva) must fill out a declaration form every year and pay taxes on the income from all their assets reported to the Italian authorities, regardless of the location of the assets (world-wide taxation). Here is the list of just a few taxes that foreigners-residents with “Elective residence” are obliged to pay:
IVAFE and other taxes, including taxes on income from dividends, shares, and securities.

It is obvious that a foreigner with “Elective residence” that he/she obtained by showing their maximum income amount and declaring all their assets, pays much more taxes than the foreigners that obtained Residence through Business immigration and who are obliged to declare just 6000 Euro per year.
If you have an official steady high (according to Personal income tax) residual (not working) income and you would like to demonstrate that to the Italian authorities to be able to pay taxes in Italy, then VIP-immigration with “Elective residence” would be the best option for you.