Shopping and services


Individual shopping tours to Italy:
Assistance in purchasing products wholesale directly from the manufacturer at warehouses and factories in Italy; order processing, product inspection; assistance in selecting collections of goods for your store. 
Individual accompaniment to factories and warehouses (wide selection of Men’s and Women’s clothing, underwear, fabrics, fur and leather goods)
Accompaniment by an interpreter to trade and industrial expos, factories, plants, business meetings and negotiations, courses and seminars in companies in Italy.
Ordering on-line, from catalogues or on Skype via on-line conference; at your request our buyers can develop a collection and choose the assortment of goods for you. 
Prompt replenishment of items during the season
Placing orders for new collections
Stocking collections from previous seasons
Concluding contracts on exclusive presentation of collections
Arranging for a cargo to be shipped to your country and your city. Transportation of goods to your country, customs documents processing. 
Transportation of goods from factory’s warehouse to a warehouse of the transportation company. 
Processing required documentation for shipment of goods to your country.
Broker’s services, customs clearance of goods in Russia
Our on-line order services include:
Ordering collections from catalogues on-line (catalogues and price lists are provided)
Ordering collections via Skype on-line conference 
Searching and selecting suppliers
Placing your orders directly with Italian factories
Order processing, product delivery control
Prompt back-order of goods during the season
Preparing shipping documents
Prompt pickup of goods from factories; timely shipment to client
Terms of services are discussed with each client individually
Custom tours to Italy
Assistance in processing visa to Italy
Booking a flight
Booking hotels
International passport processing
Step-by-step consultation with an expert