Shopping with a stylist

Would you like an image makeover? Your personal stylist is looking forward to create a new image for you!   
The stylist will develop an outline of boutiques and outlets for shopping, and accompany the client during shopping: he will assist you in choosing outfits that fit your style, consult you on your current style, fashion trends, collections of both famous and not as famous Italian designers. 
Our stylists hold a degree in Fashion and Design; they have experience working in well-known Italian fashion design houses, in Russian and Italian atelier, and they purchase designer collections for Russian boutiques. Their mission is to choose outfits that fit your style and body shape. They will help you find a perfect match, and you will fall in love with yourself all over again.
A lot of Russian tourists are offered standard shopping routes during their shopping tours. That’s not the case with our clients. You deserve to be pampered and treated as an individual, so our stylists, who visit boutiques and stores on a daily basis and personally know the sales consultants and managers, will take you on an exclusive shopping route - to places that are known only to local residents.  
We are looking forward to hearing from you.